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  • At Parkwood Heights Elementary School, we power your student’s full potential. From our small group instruction and deep focus on individual needs, to our strong school-family relationships, we nurture the whole child during these incredibly formative years. Our long-time teachers and staff take great pride in offering a calm, joyful learning environment for students, while serving as important role-models for success in school and in life. As Parkwood Panthers, our children become lifelong learners with the confidence to explore, innovate, and reach new heights.

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  • Why Parents Love Parkwood Heights

    Our parents appreciate the love and effort that goes into ensuring each student leaves Parkwood Heights Elementary with the classroom and behavioral skills they’ll need in middle school and beyond. They tell us they feel like true members of the Parkwood Heights team dedicated to their child’s progress. Our families value the diversity of our staff and student body, and the tranquility of our classrooms. Parents love our focus on producing well-rounded children ready to advance to middle school as respectful, disciplined and responsible individuals.

  • Why Students Love Parkwood Heights

    Parkwood Heights Elementary School students know there’s always a helping hand close by. Our focus on the individual allows each child to explore their strengths, overcome challenges, and learn with confidence. They love our music, P.E., and art classes, and benefit from the availability of special afterschool programs such as Girls, Inc., helping young girls reach their potential, and the Cathedral Arts Project, aimed at developing a passion for creative expression. They also love the interaction with older students from nearby Arlington Middle who often come to read with them, or offer homework help.

  • What Your Child Will Learn

    Your child will learn to expect more from themselves. They will learn how to tap into their own uniqueness and vitality. Our students develop independent thinking while also becoming contributing members of a team, both in-demand skills they’ll need in the future. They will benefit from a school-wide emphasis on mental and physical well-being, and will learn how the two go hand-in-hand. Above all, they will graduate from Parkwood Heights Elementary with the academic know-how, self-control and inclusive spirit that will serve them well into the future.

  • Why We Are Unique

    As a Title I school, students and families have access to an array of services, including parenting classes and on-site counselors. All of our children enjoy increased attention thanks to exceptional education teachers who supervise and assist in our classrooms. Our relationships with neighboring Arlington Middle and Terry Parker High School make the transition to these schools seamless for our families, and give us an educational community that is really something special.

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