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  • VPK through 5th grade are critical years in your child’s education. It takes a lot of hard work from educators and students to help each child reach his or her potential. But all work and no play is just plain…boring. And children actually retain more when they’re having fun. So we designed Waterleaf Elementary to be a special place where education is effective and enjoyable. Our amazing Waterleaf teachers and staff make each day memorable and fulfilling for our students. We also teach the other important ABCs of life: Acceptance of those who are different from us. Being kind to everyone at all times. Compassion for the challenges others face. We would love to have you and your child join the Waterleaf family, where we’re building better students to create a better world!

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  • Why Parents Love Waterleaf

    Parents love our inclusive, compassionate, positive atmosphere. They love that we foster a true appreciation for teamwork and teach our students to embrace each other, no matter their background, culture or challenges. Parents appreciate the strong bonds that develop between school and family, with regular communication plus special events and activities making these elementary years memorable and enriching for everyone.

  • Why Students Love Waterleaf

    Our students love coming to school each day! They know that they are part of a community of learners who accept and support each other. Our inspirational teachers are attuned to each child’s learning styles, needs and strengths and this solid support allows our students to blossom academically in their own unique way. Our students especially love the fun that follows the hard work with chorus, art, talent shows and other activities involving the whole family as an integral part of the positive Waterleaf experience.

  • What Your Child Will Learn

    Your child will become an inquisitive, independent thinker with the ability to collaborate well with others. They will develop academic strength along with creative problem solving, setting up a path for strong success in school, career and life. They will learn to be caring individuals who are part of a supportive, loving community. Above all, they will discover their own strengths and personal passions during these formative and all-important primary years.

  • Why We Are Unique

    At Waterleaf Elementary, we inspire excellence and nurture the next generation of leaders. We do this by teaching each of our students to expect great things from themselves and to achieve each day. With students coming from diverse abilities and backgrounds (we have more than 13 different languages spoken here!), we encourage each child to contribute to our community and show them by example how to better our world. Visit or enroll today at Waterleaf Elementary School!

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Waterleaf Elementary School
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