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  • Welcome to Garden City Elementary School, where our students grow academically, socially, and emotionally, enjoying the fruits of their labor in a warm, close-knit community. We teach our children the benefits of industriousness and teamwork by following the example of our school mascot, the bee! Garden City offers a small school setting with big school resources. Looking for a traditional, neighborhood elementary school with high academic standards and the resources to ensure each child sprouts to their full potential? You’ve come to the right garden.

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  • Why Parents Love Garden City

    Our families play an important role in the success of our school and we work to create a strong, lasting bond with our parents. Every Sunday night during the school year, you’ll get a message from us letting you know what to expect for the week ahead and how to best prepare your student. Our teachers and staff are always accessible. We encourage parent involvement through activities and programs that allow you to be an active participant in these important (and fleeting!) early learning years.

  • Why Students Love Garden City

    Our Garden City busy bees are surrounded by caring teachers and staff. Many have been part of the Garden City family for years and have a great affection for our school, our students and our neighborhood. Prioritizing safety and security allows our students to bloom. Besides focusing on providing an excellent education, Garden City also offers activities such as chorus, cheerleading, safety patrol and a science lab to produce well-rounded children who know how to work hard yet still have fun.

  • What Your Child Will Learn

    Like you, we have high expectations for your child’s primary school education. These are important years, when students learn how to learn, and how to live and work with others. These are not just school skills we teach, but instructions for life. We aim to instill a love of learning, teach students to expect great things from themselves, and give them the building blocks of a successful life.

  • Why We Are Unique

    We’re a neighborhood school, made up of families and individuals who care about the future of our children. We are focused on academic success but we are also deeply connected to supporting the whole child, adapting to different learning styles and using all of our health and counseling resources to ensure the best possible elementary school experience for all.

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