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  • Abess Park Elementary School, logoLearning science has never sounded so good! Abess Park Elementary Academy of Science and Music provides one of the most unique learning opportunities in North Florida. Research shows that learning science and music at an early age provides immeasurable benefits in terms of brain development. Combine that with a warm, nurturing environment; spectacular teachers; endless extracurricular activities; and more, and you’ll see why Abess Park is home to some of our city’s happiest and most well-rounded students.

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  • Why Parents Love Abess Park

    Nurturing children as they learn and grow is a collaborative effort, and we’re so proud to get to share this journey with each and every family that entrusts us with their child. We believe in addressing the whole child. That means focusing on educational, emotional, and social growth. It also means supporting parents and working harmoniously together to create an incredible learning environment. Our completely free breakfast, lunch, and snack programs provide nutritious food to every student, every day. We’re always available to offer progress updates, receive feedback, or brainstorm on how to make your child’s experience even more amazing.

  • Why Students Love Abess Park

    Our little Jaguars love coming to school every day because our teachers make learning interactive and use exciting real-world scenarios to teach. As mentioned, we’re an academy of science and music, so every lesson incorporates themes of these two fundamental fields wherever possible. We harness the power of rhythm to boost memory. We embrace the scientific method and spirit of discovery to keep ourselves asking questions and seeking out real answers. Students also have their pick of rewarding extracurriculars, from specialties like band, chorus, and science club to filming in our closed-circuit TV studio or shadowing their academic heroes in Teachers of Tomorrow.

  • What Your Child Will Learn

    Abess Park students love learning. It’s not just the science and music classes. We have an exceptional curriculum in terms of math, history, and so much more. Those who qualify for our gifted program have the opportunity to delve even deeper into advanced critical thinking, goal-setting, research, creativity, and reasoning skills. Perhaps even more important, our beloved Sensory Room and Calm Classroom programs help all students develop healthy relaxation and mindfulness habits that will benefit them for a lifetime. One-on-one mentorship by both teachers and students helps foster a feeling of family, teaches responsibility, and improves social growth.

  • Why We Are Unique

    The magic of Abess Park Elementary comes from our commitment to serving the whole student, whole family, and whole community. We believe true success doesn’t happen in isolation on a test paper. Successful students are healthy, happy, confident, curious, and surrounded by a network of mutual kindness and support. Come to a school like no other in Duval County. Choose Abess Park Elementary. It’s where science and music work in concert to benefit your child.

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  • “At Abess Park Elementary School, we are focused on teaching and supporting the uniqueness in every child through academics, arts, physical education, character development and mental wellness.” – Kristin Shore, Principal
  • Abess Park Elementary School
    12731 Abess Blvd. Jacksonville, FL 32225