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  • Choose Greenfield Elementary, and we’ll help your child make a splash through outstanding academics and amazing opportunities for social and emotional growth. Why is our mascot the dolphin? It’s not just because these amazing marine mammals are renowned for their sharp problem-solving skills. Science, technology, engineering, and math are subjects as vast as the ocean; and like dolphins, Greenfield Elementary School students joyfully dive in deep, exploring far beyond the surface. At Greenfield, we challenge each other every day to ask why, how, and best of all, what’s next?

  • Why Parents Love Greenfield

    Our small class sizes, dedicated teachers, and peer tutoring program make sure that every child gets the one-on-one attention they need. Parents love Greenfield for its welcoming environment and caring, patient, and knowledgeable staff. Whether your child is an advanced learner, needs help catching up, or has a special need such as autism, we have comprehensive support to help every child thrive. As a parent, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to get involved in whatever capacity works best for you, and we’re always excited to discover new ways of working together to better serve our students.

  • Why Students Love Greenfield

    Greenfield is full of activities that make STEM learning fun and accessible. Our LEGO League brings learning to life in a fun and engaging way. Students love working together to build and program LEGO robots to compete in a variety of challenges. Along the way, they learn the principles of coding, engineering, and problem-solving. Though we’re best known for our focus on science, our students also enjoy access to incredible full-time art and music departments not found in many STEM schools.

  • What Your Child Will Learn

    There’s no limit to what children can learn and discover at Greenfield, and that’s one of our school’s most important lessons. Our elementary school students are at the beginning of a lifelong educational journey, gaining knowledge in all the core subjects, but that doesn’t mean they have to wait to dive deep into what interests them most. Greenfield students learn to jump right in and trust in their curiosity as their guide. Activities like our Green Team recycling program help teach civic-mindedness, giving students a place to apply the principles and character traits they acquire in class.

  • Why We Are Unique

    Greenfield Elementary’s high-tech environment is the perfect setting for intensive STEM learning to begin. Programming and engineering concepts come alive in our classrooms through hands-on experience with the right teachers and environment. Unlike many comparable STEM programs, Greenfield provides a well-rounded curriculum that encourages students to explore other fields, not just for necessary fundamentals but for other passions that might warrant a deep dive. It’s that balance between broad options and specialized learning opportunities that makes Greenfield hard to beat. If you want your child to make a splash in elementary school, contact us now to learn more or enroll.

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  • When your child comes to Greenfield Elementary, they are going to receive a well-rounded education, they are going to be loved and nurtured. We are going to take care of them as our own. – Lisa Vincent (Teacher)
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