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  • At Lake Lucina Elementary School, each student—and each family—matters. Our teachers, among the top-rated in the state, understand that our students start school from a variety of backgrounds and learning styles. We tune in to your child and develop plans for achievement so that he or she can be successful in elementary school and beyond. At Lake Lucina Elementary, learning comes alive every day for students from pre-kindergarten through fifth grade.

  • Why Parents Love Lake Lucina

    Lake Lucina is a warm and welcoming place, where we stay in close touch with our families to ensure every child is learning and growing. We organize very popular special events for the whole family throughout the school year, where your entire family has fun and discovers more about what your child is learning. Last but certainly not least, inclusivity is the cornerstone of our school culture. We take the time to learn about each student as an individual with specific strengths and needs.

  • Why Students Love Lake Lucina

    We make learning fun! Students make slime, race on roller coasters, and launch straw rockets as part of our science curriculum. We dance in our pajamas with our guitar-playing teachers to keep our spirits up. Students learn computer coding with our full-time media specialist. No matter what the subject, we fill our curriculum with joy and energy, instilling a love of learning that can last a lifetime. Our students get the support they need to learn and grow in their own unique ways, building confidence and a sense of self-worth all while enjoying their time at school.

  • What Your Child Will Learn

    At Lake Lucina, we teach students responsibility and respect for others. We uphold high but attainable academic and behavioral standards, while nurturing the ability to work with others. We work hard and we play hard, celebrating special achievements, birthdays and incorporating the hands-on activities that make for a memorable classroom experience. We also promote the use of today’s best educational technology. We offer small-group instruction and tutoring, and our team of faculty, staff, counselors, psychologists, and special education providers intervene early if any issues arise.

  • Why We Are Unique

    In the state of Florida, only 5% of all teachers are rated as “highly effective”. At Lake Lucina, more than 85 percent of Lake Lucina’s teachers are rated as “highly effective!” While all our teachers are effective, enthusiastic, skilled, and dedicated this “highly effective” designation, earned by so many of our teachers through rigorous examination, proves our school has some of the best educators in Florida.

    We’re also unique because we practice culturally responsible teaching, incorporating individual cultural references in our classrooms and curriculum, making for an inclusive, secure, and caring school environment for your child. At Lake Lucina, we know education is not a cookie-cutter process. Your child will get the individual attention he or she needs to learn, grow, and belong.

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  • “My children come home and they are always excited to tell me about their day at Lake Lucina. They love their teachers, administrators, and the other students in their class. I’m just really happy I chose Lake Lucina Elementary for my children’s education!” – Coriniece Green, Parent
Lake Lucina Elementary School
6527 Merrill Rd. Jacksonville, FL 32277