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  • Do you know who the typical Southside Estates Elementary School student is? If you’ve been to our legendary campus, you know we actually have no typical student. At our school we celebrate the fact that no two students are the same. We offer a unique tapestry of children from different cultures, ethnicities and learning styles. Then we give each one the individual support and attention needed to be successful. It’s a winning formula that makes us one of the most treasured schools in Duval County. With a roughly 70-year history our best days are right now.

  • Why Parents Love Southside Estates

    Our parents love Southside Estates because we love our parents. We believe in the value of consistent, meaningful communication between school and home, and we promote parental engagement through monthly activities for the whole family. Favorites include Technology Night, Math Night, Transition to Middle School Night, Science Night and others. Our Southside Estates parents tell us more than anything they love our focus on the whole child, and our schoolwide emphasis on growing good people as well as academically successful students.

  • Why Students Love Southside Estates

    Because we make learning fun, we offer a wide range of in-school and afterschool enrichment through art, music. P.E., media, scouting, gardening and more. Students might get an opportunity to play violin, play basketball and play up their math skills all in the same week. Despite the endless activities to discover, our teachers still create calm, nurturing surroundings so children can learn at a higher level. Southside Estates students know our expectations of them as scholars and citizens and in turn, expect more from themselves and their classmates. The result is a disciplined yet joyful environment where successes are cheered and each day is welcomed with exciting challenges. We’re also an inclusive school so everyone feels welcomed and cared for. Neurotypical students, children on the Autism spectrum, academically gifted students, – we work hard so everyone feels all at home here.

  • What Your Child Will Learn

    At Southside Estates, character counts. We are dedicated to providing a strong academic foundation during these formative years, but we also focus on teaching children to be accountable, responsible and kind. Since our students come from a wide variety of backgrounds, our students learn to be tolerant of individual differences and develop teamwork skills they’ll call on for the rest of their lives. Your future Southside Estates Eagle will have the opportunity to take part in programs and activities that will expand their interests and open new paths. In short, they’ll learn to soar.

  • Why We Are Unique

    Strong relationships are at the heart of Southside Estates. Teacher to student. School to parents. Family to school. These bonds help our students become highly productive, contributing members of our community. We instill confidence and the motivation to achieve and excel. Our Southside Estates Eagles truly take flight! Visit or enroll today at Southside Estates Elementary School!

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Southside Estates Elementary School
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