• Fort Caroline Middle School of the Visual and Performing Arts

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  • Fort Caroline Middle School of the Visual and Performing Arts is unique. We offer high-caliber arts programs in areas such as music, painting, graphic design, theater, dance, video production, and more, while academics take center stage. We also offer sports, clubs formed around a variety of interests, and other benefits students from a more traditional school enjoy. We don’t just turn out great artists, Fort Caroline Middle School develops well-rounded students who are ready to excel in whatever high school setting works best for them.

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  • Why Parents Love Ft. Caroline

    Our parents and guardians love seeing their children learn from teachers who are masters at their craft. While they love seeing their student pursue their passion and develop their artistic talents, they also want to make sure their child is well-prepared academically. At Fort Caroline Middle School, you get the best of both worlds.

  • Why Students Love Ft. Caroline

    Our teachers are amazing. You might expect a dance instructor to be passionate about their work, but all of our teachers make learning come to life, from math to music and beyond. Few schools can match the unique learning atmosphere of The Fort. Our students support one another, dream big, and work to make their dreams come true.

  • What Your Child Will Learn

    As we’ve mentioned, your student won’t have to sacrifice academics in favor of art. We teach all the major subjects to make sure your child will be well prepared to succeed in high school. Our training in the arts consistently turns out some of our city’s top talent. For visual arts, we offer instruction in painting, drawing, sculpture, graphic design, video production, and more. We also offer programs in dance, theater, and music, including instrument playing and vocal performance.

  • Why We’re Unique

    This is one of the few schools for the arts in the United States that also offers an equal emphasis on academics and competitive sports programs for girls and boys. Our arts training isn’t stuck in the 1600s. Along with more classic training, we teach modern music, drum line, hip-hop dancing, digital arts, and more. We feel we’ve built the perfect art school for today’s student who wants to leave middle school a complete, well-rounded student and person.

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  • “You can become who you are meant to be at Fort Caroline Middle School.”
  • Fort Caroline Middle School of the Visual and Performing Arts
    3787 University Club Blvd. Jacksonville, FL 32277