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  • Mandarin Middle School: The three stars on our shield stand for Academics, Athletics, and Arts, and we pride ourselves on providing our students with an abundance of all three. In addition to English, math, and other core academics, our students learn foreign languages, computer programming, and the skills of learning itself. Our creative programs vary from theater, music and graphic design to more traditional visual arts. Our patient, supportive athletic director teaches students teamwork, goal-setting, and self-motivation through seven different sports. With our strong track record in every area of middle school education, we’ve helped countless students with all different strengths grow into the amazing people they are — and we have no intention of stopping.

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  • Why Parents Love Mandarin Middle

    Parents of Mandarin Middle School students are often astounded by the amount of one-on-one attention their children receive with us in spite of our size. After long, frustrating searches for the right educational environment for their kids, many families come to us for our reliability, for our customization, and particularly for our GATE and AVID programs. The gifted students in our GATE program follow personalized courses designed to cultivate critical thinking skills, and they have the chance to earn high school credit in math and Spanish. The AVID program focuses more on college prep, developing the independent organizational skills students will need to direct their own education in the future.

  • Why Students Love Mandarin Middle

    In addition to excellent academic opportunities, Mandarin Middle School students enjoy top-notch artistic and athletic facilities, as well as on-campus clubs ranging from gaming to LEGO robotics. Students who are so inclined have the chance to write for the school newspaper, play in the band, learn about audiovisual technology in our award-winning TV production studio, and compete on our football, baseball, softball, volleyball, basketball, soccer, or track and field teams. Both our boys’ and girls’ athletic teams are a force to be reckoned with and regularly make it to the city championships.

  • What Your Child Will Learn

    The most important lessons a child learns in school can’t be measured on a test or a score chart. More than factual information, more than artistic or athletic technique, more even than study skills for college, we want our students to learn responsibility, citizenship, and cooperation. We know that they will be living their lives in a wonderfully diverse, ever-changing, and often difficult world. Our intention is to leave them well-prepared to function in that world and to contribute to it constructively.

  • Why We Are Unique

    At Mandarin Middle School, we take all three of those stars on our shield equally seriously. When our students are drawn more to one than the others, we think it’s important to embrace their interests while equipping them with all the tools they’ll need to live their best lives. Our athletes have an average GPA of over 3.0. We also encourage the college-focused students in our gifted programs to experiment and challenge themselves in new ways, whether it’s on the field, on the stage, or on the digital canvases of our technical education labs.

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