• Joseph Stillwell. Military Academy of Leadership.

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  • A tuition-free military-themed magnet school.

    This unique middle school is ideal for developing students with an interest in pursuing careers in the military or those students who thrive in a structured, disciplined environment. A dedicated magnet, Joseph Stilwell, paves the way for entry into colleges like West Point and the Air Force Academy. Here, students can develop their technology literacy and leadership skills while exploring different paths to follow. Former Army Capt. Tamara Tuschhoff is a West Point graduate and currently serves as the school’s principal. She is dedicated to helping students reach their full potential.

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  • Character and Leadership

    More than other middle schools, Joseph Stilwell places an important emphasis on character development and leadership skills. Joseph Stilwell doesn’t just want success for their students — they want to create a space where virtue excels, and strength is rewarded.

  • Mind, Body, and Soul

    Joseph Stilwell focuses on the whole child — mind, body, and soul. Unlike other schools that may focus solely on the mind, Stilwell wants to build integrity and honor in the soul of its students, while also challenging their physical limits through regular activities like obstacle courses and structured movement.

  • Training for Careers in Tech

    Coding, Robotics, and Technology are all on the course catalog at Joseph Stilwell Middle School. Whether you’re interested in 21st century careers inside or outside the military, we can introduce students to the training necessary to prepare them for the future.

  • Special Programs, Clubs and Activities

    • A Host of Popular Sports Teams
    • Team Up (After School Program)
    • High School Courses -Continuity to Paxon School for Advanced Studies
    • Continuity to Stanton College Prep
  • “It is my goal that every cadet at JSMAL is prepared for high school and beyond and develops a lifelong appreciation for all those who have served and are currently serving in our Armed Forces.” -Principal Tamara Tuschhoff
  • 6 - 8 Grade
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  • Joseph Stilwell Military Academy of Leadership
    7840 Burma Rd. Jacksonville, FL 32221