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  • R. V. Daniels Elementary:

    You have a smart child; now make a smart decision. Whether your child is starting to demonstrate talents in academics, creativity, and/or leadership, R.V. Daniels Elementary is a true gift for gifted children and their parents. The perfect environment for talented young learners, R.V. Daniels empowers students to explore and make the most of their strengths. An academic magnet school, R.V. Daniels provides your child with a challenging yet nurturing environment with positive support and encouragement to grow from promising student to superstar.

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  • Why Parents Love R.V. Daniels

    With fewer than 500 students across all programs and grade levels, our tiny class sizes ensure that each child gets plenty of one-on-one attention and personalized support in developing their unique abilities. Every day, our students get the caring push they need to help them take full advantage of their potential. Then, as alumni of a dedicated magnet school, they can move on to a grade-A middle school, like Julia Landon, James Weldon Johnson, or Darnell-Cookman.

  • Why Students Love R.V. Daniels

    Children who show elevated intellectual, creative, and/or leadership abilities at an early age have unique learning needs. They’re often frustrated by standard teaching methods and the need to wait for their peers to mature. They may even lose interest in learning altogether if they can’t access the resources to set their own pace. At R.V. Daniels, students have the chance to work on ambitious projects with same-age peers who also operate at a high level, all under the guidance of teachers specially trained to support gifted children.

  • What Your Child Will Learn

    Each gifted or academically talented student has unique strengths and needs, even among their gifted and academically talented peers. We offer a wide range of programs where students can explore different advanced talents and interests, from robotics to the performing arts. At the same time, we aim to help each and every student develop core skills — such as communication, problem solving, and time management — that will help them translate their gifts to any field of study they choose to pursue in the future.

  • Why We're Unique

    R.V. Daniels is a dedicated magnet school for gifted and academically talented children. This, combined with our small size, has allowed us to create a close community of students and families with shared experiences, interests, and goals. The needs of a gifted child might fall by the wayside at a school where other students need help catching up. Here, the faculty are able to focus exclusively on helping our students reach their potential.

  • “We have a small, student focused, nurturing, and engaging learning environment. R.V.D provides a culture of mutual respect and high academic achievement that will prepare your student to be college and career ready.”
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