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  • At Highlands Estates Academy, we instill leadership skills in our Pre-K through 5th grade students that allow them to soar. We’ve created a community of learners who live each day with passion, purpose and pride. Our teachers, staff, parents and neighbors contribute to a school environment that places great value on academic goals, resourcefulness and collaboration. These in-demand life skills will serve our students now and into the future, as they develop as individuals with vast knowledge in technology, media, and the arts.

  • Why Parents Love Highlands Estates Academy

    Our parents applaud our focus on promoting excellence and achievement in our students. Our family engagement events and activities are priceless opportunities for parents to get connected and actively involved in the early years of their child’s educational journey. We understand that it really does take a village to raise a successful, compassionate and well-rounded child, and we take pride in building strong, lasting relationships with our Highlands-Pine Estates-area families.

  • Why Students Love Highlands Estates Academy

    Our Highlands Estates Academy students are given the tools they need to learn and grow while just being kids and have fun along the way. We celebrate accomplishments while giving each student the encouragement they need to reach their own unique potential. While we teach our children to set goals and strive for excellence, they also know we are a caring community where they can use their imaginations and let their individuality shine.

  • What Your Children Will Learn

    With accelerated programs in math and literacy, your elementary student will get a head start on the skills they’ll need through middle school and beyond. Not only will they benefit from the solid academic foundation they will gain at Highlands, but we will also send them on to middle school with a love of learning, teamwork, and respect for others.

  • Why We're Unique

    At Highlands Estates Academy, we create strong bonds with each student and family, and our teachers and staff work tirelessly every day to nurture, encourage and celebrate successes large and small. We teach all our students to expect great things from themselves and to set their sights high. We’d be honored to prepare your child to soar to success.

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