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  • Windy Hill Elementary School works hard to make sure children have a fun time learning. When they aren’t at school, children play and have fun at home. We want them to feel the Windy Hill is just like home.

  • A standard of welcoming

    Coming to a new school for the first time can be an anxious experience, which is why we meet face-to-face with every new student and their parents. It’s important for communication lines with to be open, which is why when you enroll at Windy Hill, we will open those lines from the start.

  • On-site Professional Counselor

    Windy Hills is one of the few elementary schools in the county with a full-time professional counselor to help with the mental and emotional needs of students. In and out of school, the mood of students has a profound effect on whether they succeed. It’s important to have a professional on hand who can recognize students who are struggling emotionally and need help.

  • Academic Enrichment Hour after school

    TEAM Up is a quality, free after school program providing up to 3 hours after school each day making sure students are where they need to be. The added time gives students the opportunity to focus on areas of improvement. This is the work of TEAM UP. Not every school participates in TEAM UP, which means students at Windy Hill get to enjoy a unique support system.

  • Special Programs, Clubs, and Activities

    • Safety Patrol
    • TV Newscast
    • Teachers of Tomorrow (TOTs)
    • 21st Century Program
    • Extended Day
  • K - 5 Grade
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Windy Hills Elementary
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