• Mission 

    To prepare students to be successful in middle school and in life.



    To provide meaningful learning experiences and leadership opportunities for ALL students.


    Core Values
    Safety: We foster proactivity in regards to keeping all stakeholders safe while at school.
    Respect: We foster the belief that students and adults are to respect one another.
    Knowledge: We foster life-long learning to aid students in living a successful life.
    Determination: We foster a never give-up attitude for both students and adults.
    Encouragement: We foster an environment of encouragement, equity, and empathy that values differences and diversity.



    Staff Beliefs

    We will respond to student behaviors in a calm, consistent, and respectful manner.

    We will strive to create and maintain a safe, organized, and respectful environment conducive to learning.

    We will communicate expectations and consistently implement positive reinforcements and appropriate consequences through collaborative efforts.