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  • At Timucuan Elementary School, we give our students the skills and confidence they need to start strong on the path to success. We surround our Pre-K through 5th graders with a community of like-minded, joyful learners, teachers and staff. We teach them to truly appreciate academic achievement, while also understanding the importance of integrity and kindness to others. Above all, we set standards for personal excellence that our children will take with them to middle school, high school and beyond.

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  • Why Parents Love Timucuan

    Our Timucuan parents love our high academic and behavioral expectations. They share our belief that starting strong is a key ingredient for future academic success. Families appreciate our dedication to continuous communication with them, and the support our many programs provide, such as extended day and in-school tutoring. Everything we do is focused on guiding each child to their fullest potential.

  • Why Students Love Timucuan

    Timucuan students know they are surrounded by supportive teachers who are excited to help them flourish. Students come to school eager to learn and grow each day. At Timucuan, we cheer each other on, leading to empathy, teamwork and a positive spirit in every classroom. From academic and attendance incentives to special field trips offering new experiences, to community programs and a range of health and social services, Timucuan students benefit from a well-rounded, engaging, and fun elementary school curriculum and so much more.

  • What Your Child Will Learn

    Timucuan students learn to be their best selves and to bring out the best in others. We guide them to self-reliance and self-respect, and teach them the steps to accomplishment in school and in life. While we offer rigorous academic training to prepare our students for higher education, we also provide the opportunity for our students to find their own personal passions through programs such as our book club, chorus, and more. And Timucuan’s much-loved art club prepares students interested in attending Lavilla School of the Arts or Fort Caroline School of the Arts.

  • Why We Are Unique

    Timucuan Elementary School is a welcoming and positive environment for your students during these most formative years. We aim high and we achieve more. Our standards of excellence and personal conduct help children expect more from themselves and give them the confidence to set and reach their goals. We offer individualized, academic support in the form of small group instruction and tutoring, and have a full-time nurse and therapist on site. In addition, our full-time English as a Second Language teaching staff means every student has the opportunity to shine at Timucuan.

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