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  • At Duncan U. Fletcher Middle School, we believe excellence and achievement go hand in hand. We know that the middle school years are a time of extraordinary self-discovery and development for our students. And we know that they are individuals, each with unique needs, passions and goals. At Fletcher, we put all this together while teaching our students to go out and make great things happen. Our faculty and staff focus on supporting success in the classroom and helping students build a sense of confidence that will grow as they do.

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  • Why Parents Love Fletcher Middle

    Parents love our dedication to building strong relationships with our Fletcher Middle students and families. They appreciate our consistent, meaningful communication and outreach regarding student progress. They applaud our consistent A rating and our commitment to standards-based learning, allowing teachers, students and parents to track performance. Our Fletcher Middle School parents understand the benefits of a neighborhood school community with an inclusive environment welcoming newcomers and longtime families alike.

  • Why Students Love Fletcher Middle

    Our students thrive thanks to a school-wide emphasis on excellence and the freedom to be who they are as individuals. After giving it their all in the classroom, they choose from a long list of programs and extracurricular activities aimed at sparking new interests and creating new paths. From a variety of middle school sports, to band, to robotics, to our magnet-level arts program and so much more, Fletcher Middle expands the mind and strengthens the body. Our school spirit is contagious and our pep rallies are legendary. All of this sets our students up for success in high school, college, career and life.

  • What Your Child Will Learn

    Your child will learn the real-life application of academic skills and concepts thanks to our outstanding teachers, curriculum and standards-based process. They will learn how to expect more from themselves and how to succeed as part of a team. Fletcher students can be considered for our gifted and academically talented program. We also offer the chance to seek high school credits through accelerated classes. The sense of achievement and confidence in their own abilities developed at Fletcher Middle School will continue to positively impact their lives for years to come.

  • Why We Are Unique

    These are important years for your student, as they become accountable for their own actions, accomplishments and contributions to the community around them. We support them through this major transition with loving care, working with our families to ensure the best possible future for each of our students. With our outstanding academics, exceptional activities and high expectations, greatness happens at Fletcher Middle School!

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