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  • It’s virtually the best remote learning opportunity you’ll ever find. Duval Virtual is remote learning with the resources and local touch you’ll only find from Duval County Public Schools. Students can learn from anywhere but can also get the benefit of in-person sessions with our amazing educators.

    Duval Virtual is custom made for students who are self-starters and need a flexible program. Children who travel the world, pursue premier-level sports and arts, or prefer the quiet safety and comforts of home all benefit from the flexibility and customized learning options at Duval Virtual.

  • What Parents Think

    Parents want to give their children every advantage in school. With Duval Virtual, parents love that their children’s focus increases exponentially with distractions limited. They also love the time afforded their children for other pursuits outside of school, like travel, first-class sports and the high-level arts.

  • What Our Students Think

    Our students believe Duval Virtual is the perfect fit for their lives. We give our students the time to complete school and the activities they love. They are well-rounded because they receive an excellent education that fosters their higher calling, while pursuing their education and sharing their experiences with their teachers and friends online.

  • What Your Children Will Learn

    Your children learn exactly what they will learn in a traditional classroom setting, but at a time and place that works for them. Unlike some online learning academies, Duval Virtual has certified Florida teachers and a vetted curriculum. In addition to our online learning platform, we also offer a live campus at our learning center, where students can get extra assistance and tutoring. They can also call and text their teachers whenever they need help – giving our students a choice of where and how they learn.

  • Why We're Unique

    At Duval Virtual Academy, we’re engaging students in a 21st century, virtual learning environment for a lifetime of success. We offer our students numerous ways they can complete their schooling. Duval Virtual Instruction Academy is a perfect fit for students with busy schedules because it gives students the flexibility to learn on their own time, while still giving them time to stay involved in their activities.

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  • “Duval Virtual is not just Homeschooling, it’s School at Home”
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