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  • Fast-growing, high-scoring, and beloved by students and parents alike, Chets Creek Elementary is proud to continue guiding children toward developing the skills, knowledge, and mindset they’ll need in school and in life. Alongside highly experienced, committed educators who love what they do, our students don’t just excel academically. They learn how to apply knowledge practically and cooperatively, while always making room for experimentation, fun, and wonder.

  • Why Parents Love Chets Creek

    Chets Creek Elementary is an A+ neighborhood school run by Ms. Susan T. Phillips, a Principal of the Year. Our enrollment list is always in demand because parents know we offer unsurpassed academic quality without private school fees. Despite our popularity, Chets Creek never feels crowded, just bustling and full of life, friends, and fun. Things are getting even better. There are exciting enhancements and expansions that will take our school to a whole new level. This will ensure our place as one of Jacksonville’s premier schools for many years to come.

  • Why Students Love Chets Creek

    From the principal and administration to the teachers, everyone here shares a genuine love of learning and bringing education to life. You won’t find long lectures from behind a podium. Classrooms are interactive, fun, exciting, challenging, and warm. Students who need extra help or are ready to tackle more advanced material have plenty of programs and options available to them. We believe school should always serve as an exciting place to achieve, grow, and thrive. Students become the best versions of themselves at Chets Creek.

  • What Your Children Will Learn

    At Chets Creek, we believe in doing what works. We use an evidence-based approach to academics that helps our students earn consistently excellent grades, but more important, really know the material. We engage students in project-based learning so that they can apply their new knowledge right away, because that’s the best way to retain and understand new concepts. Above all, we emphasize setting goals, taking risks, building relationships, and working together. We know we serve our students well as they continue to pursue their dreams beyond Chets Creek.

  • Why We're Unique

    Goal-setting isn’t just a skill our students learn, it’s the essence of our philosophy and culture. Goals are what allow us to make good decisions and inspire us to buckle down and persevere when things get a little tough. They also help us determine when it’s time to try a different approach in order to achieve our goals.

    Life is about the journey, not just the destination. So we’ll work hard to make sure your child’s journey is the best it can be. That makes reaching goals even more special.

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  • “Exceptional work stands the test of time, just like the Chets Creek story.” – Susan Phillips, Principal
Chets Creek Elementary School
13200 Chets Creek Blvd. Jacksonville, FL 32224