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  • At Sabal Palm, you and your child will find an authentic, inspiring and enriching elementary school experience you’ll treasure. Your student will be challenged to the fullest academically, will be encouraged to explore a variety of exciting interests, and will blossom as a scholar and an individual. Our highly effective teachers and staff prepare students to succeed in middle school and beyond, and they do it with love, dedication and deep commitment to the entire Sabal Palm community.

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  • Why Parents Love Sabal Palm

    Our Sabal Palm parents know they are part of the team from day one. Parents appreciate our commitment to academic and personal excellence as a highly-rated school, as well as our focus on growing good citizens and future leaders. The collaboration between our teachers and families signals to students that they are supported and cared for at school and at home. This, in turn, opens the door to the highest levels of learning and achievement. Our families contribute greatly to our school’s success by showing enthusiasm for our mission and participating in our programs. Parents truly are a beloved part of our Sabal Palm community!

  • Why Students Love Sabal Palm

    Sabal Palm is a community of learners. Our students love our positive, inclusive, and encouraging environment where individual differences are celebrated. They benefit from innovative instruction in the classroom while choosing from a long list of enrichment activities aimed at developing the whole child. We offer art, music, and PE to all our students, as well as chorus and a musical instrument ensemble for those children further exploring their musical creativity. Our older students can serve as safety patrols or deliver school news as part of our celebrated WSPE-TV news team. Our gifted program challenges students to think outside of the box and extended day offers a fun, safe place to see friends or get some extra homework help.

  • What Your Children Will Learn

    Your child will learn to fly higher as a Sabal Palm Flamingo! They will become more self-assured, self-reliant, and confident in their abilities thanks to our nurturing yet rigorous educational programs. Our dedicated teachers will help them develop new skills in the classroom that will pay off for a lifetime. Most of all, they will feel secure and able to be themselves, at a school where individuality is valued. At Sabal Palm, our sense of community is strong and everyone feels welcomed.

  • Why We’re Unique

    It’s rare to find a school that excels in traditional education and prizes innovation at the same time. That means students get lots of individual attention from teachers who are well versed in fundamental subjects but also benefit from cutting-edge teaching techniques and the latest technology. We also have a uniquely strong relationship with our school families and our neighbors. The elementary years are fleeting, but so crucial to your child’s long-term success. We have built a program that is challenging and rigorous yet warm and inviting. Sabal Palm roots help grow brighter futures! Visit or enroll today!

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